On Thursday October 2 2008 23:27:46 Chad Walstrom wrote:
> You know.  I don't get the complaints about parking at the U of M.  It's
> not really all that difficult to find cheap parking, especially if you
> park out at the "cheap" lots and take the shuttle.  I worked at the U
> for years and never had a problem finding a place to park.  Not to
> mention that the U is a prominant stop for public transit, how could you
> NOT think of it as a great place to meet?!  Oh well.  To each his/her
> own.
> Chad

Re: Public transit, maybe so, but that that doesn't make it convenient for 
everyone. For instance, I live in south, under four miles from the west bank, 
and unless it's rush and I can catch a freeway flier, it takes me 40+ minutes 
depending on the time of day. And I live on two main lines. For comparison, I 
can do it on my bike in 20. YMMV (pun intended).

On a more general note, I just find the U to be a massive pain to get around in 
once I'm there.

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