See my message and invitation to Richard Stallman below followed by his 
reply after that.  (I'm more than happy to pay for Stallman's food/drinks, 
etc. myself but would accept donations.)

So here's the big thing:  Stallman isn't saying that he won't meet with us 
under other conditions, but he is saying that *promises* to meet with us 
only if we change the name of TCLUG to Twin Cities GNU/Linux User Group 
(TCGLUG?).  He wants the GNU in there!

What do you all think of that?  For me, to add GNU/ to the name of the 
group is very appealing in every way except for one -- it is work.  I 
would happily do some of the work.  You can read more about Stallman's 
ideas here:

There's more good stuff if you follow links on that page, specifically:

So let's discuss this idea and see where it leads.



Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 19:58:42 -0500 (CDT)
From: Mike Miller <mbmiller at>
To: Richard Stallman <rms at>
Subject: TCLUG wants to meet you

Hello Richard--

I am writing because I learned recently that you will be in town to give a 
talk on the U Minnesota campus on October 21.  We have a Twin Cities Linux 
Users Group (TCLUG) with an email list where we enjoy many discussions 
about software licensing, GNU applications, Richard Stallman and so on. 
Many of us in TCLUG are very eager to hear from you.  It will be the best 
night of the year for us.  After your talk we will get together at a 
nearby brewpub that also serves soft drinks and some decent food.  It 
would be a great thrill for all of us if you could join us there.

You probably have a full schedule already, but if there is any time during 
your visit to the Twin Cities when you can hang out with our people, maybe 
for a meal, we would enjoy it greatly and we would pay for all of your 
food/drinks and would transport you to/from your hotel, or wherever.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that you are very welcome here and we look 
forward to seeing you.



P.S.  You told me a few years ago that I should dump Pine because of its 
license, and partly because of your advice, I am now using Alpine, which 
has a GPL-compatible license.

Michael B. Miller, Ph.D.


Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2008 12:44:56 -0400
From: Richard M. Stallman <rms at>
To: Mike Miller <mbmiller at>
Subject: Re: TCLUG wants to meet you

There's only one thing that would prevent me from joining you: the
name of your group.  Calling it a "Linux User Group" means, in effect,
calling the GNU system "Linux".  That gives the credit for our work to
someone that came later, did less--and rejects our ideals of freedom!

It's clear that you and others in the group are warmly disposed
towards me.  At the same time, you're treating me rather badly
(without realizing it).  It's a delicate situation.  I would like to
respond to the warmth, but I can't overlook the harm.

Would you please change the name and become a GNU/Linux User Group?